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Prolonged Headache


I was wondering if anyone could suggest a reason why I am experiencing prolonged headaches.

I recently moved to another country for work. The move was very smooth and not too stressful. After the move i experienced really sharp boring pains in my head (mostly in the mornings on the way to work) which would last about 10 - 20 seconds each probably about 3-4 times a week. Sometimes i would get a few of these each morning.

About 2 weeks ago i started to feel a bit run down and tired and experiencing longer, aching dull pains in my head. I began to sleep from the time i arrived home from work (about 6pm) until the next morning. My head was all over the place and i found it hard to concentrate on anything. I started getting very strong headaches continually and after 2 days of not getting out of bed i went to my doctor who diagnosed it as sinus infection and perscribed over the counter medicine. This eased the pain a little and my head became clearer but i was still experiencing the headaches. After 2 days i returned to work but that evening the left side of my face became tingly and numb - which lasted about 5 or 6 hours. In the doctors office i was told i was healthy and they could find now reason for the headaches or numbness :(

The headaches are never the same - the pain is different, the areas are different and the length is different. I can always "feel" my head if that makes any sense. Sometimes it feels like the pain is rising to a point on my head from the whole way around my head, others is a sharp stabbing pain and other times is a continuous dull throb

Its been 14 days now and i have not gone more than a few hours without a headache. At the moment the pain is not so excruitiating that i need to go to a doctor but im still a little worried that it is there. Im sorry for the long drawn out post but any comments would be appreciated

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I would ask your Doctor to suggest a CT Scan or MRI. I had an ear nose and throat
specialist work on me until I told him what I needed. After the CT Scan and MRI I was
diagnosed with N.H. Lymphoma with the main tumour in my Nasal Pharnyx area.
It has been 3 yrs now, I'm still dealing with Side effects from the Rad. and Chemo, but it was I who had to inform the doctor to conduct more tests.
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I had your identical headaches, minus the length of time.  Although I did not have them for 14 days straight with only a few hours of relief.  I did get a headache every single day.  Some days worse than others and some lasting 3 days with nausea.  I have a bottle of exedrin in every purse, car, desk and bag I own.  I used to live on them!  I too had the sharp shooting pains and throbbing for 3 days in a row and went to a neurologist concerned of a tumor.  Both scans showed NO signs of tumor or anurism.  What the doctor did tell me was that it sounded like I was suffering from caffeine withdrawal.  Mostly from the Exedrin.  Not to mention the 4-6 cups of hot tea I drank daily and then the fresh brewed iced tea I drank sporatically during the week at lunch.  He said every time I took the exedrin to fight of the onset of a headache, which was very frequently, my caffeing levels were at a certain point.  When I woke up in the morning those levels were dropped and the headache was like a hangover headache.  Thus, beginning the viscious cycle every morning.  One of my other grievances was not being able to lie in bed for more than 15 or 20 minutes after waking up.  Which stinks on the weekend.  If I did, migraine for 3 days.  Exedrin 3 times a day for those 3 days.
I have given up caffeine for the past 6-7 weeks.  Actually, I've had 2 cups, 1 by mistake.  I've only had 3 headaches since.  And, one was from one chocolate martinin too many.  2's usually my limit but I went for the 3rd.  My bad.
I have to say, although I did not believe my daily headaches were attributed to the caffeine, as I associated caffeine withdrawal with coffee drinkers, I gave the doc. the benefit of the doubt and tried giving it up in lieu of taking the prescription he gave me.  I hate meds.  It's been a great several weeks.  What a difference.  I've only hit my exedrin bottle 3 times in almost 7 weeks!  UNHEARD OF!!  Although lying in bed has increased to about 20-30 minutes, headache-free, I will still get the migraine if I don't get up soon.  I still can't figure out what that's about.
If you're a caffeine drinker, in any way shape or form, reduce or stop altoghether and see what happens.  This includes chocolate.  My downfall.  I still eat the chocolate.
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There are too many reasons for headaches. I've had an intractable headache for nearly five years (I never knew it was possible). I am about to have surgery to remove a nasopharynx cyst that was missed until recently (I sure hope it's just a cyst). See a neurologist if it continues and demand a MRI even if a CT is normal. See another doctor if you don't get anywhere; see as many doctors as it takes.  My problems started with a headache and progressed to much more. I hope you fare better!  Stay strong and remember, you are your best advocate.
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