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Sinus infection ..

Since Nov 19 th I have had a sinus infection ,head ache every day ,nausea ,dizzy spells , lost probablly 25 pds .I have been to the ENT and had a CT scan he recommends I get surgery to open up my air ways ..BUT what am I suppose to do till then I am on my second bout of anti biotics I have tried every thing under the sun for home remedies cant kick this one though ..It has been a month and I am tired of being sick ...HELP
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I also had those symptoms back in 2005. My right ear was plugged and had hard
time breathing through my nose. I had tubes put in my ears twice and the third
time I asked the doctor to check my Adenoids. That is when he found the tumour
in my Nasal Pharynx area. It turned out I had N.H.Lymphoma.Make sure your
doctor listens to you. Tell him exactly where it hurts or feels funny. You have to
push some doctors. If I hadn't done that I wouldn't be here today. Good luck.
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