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headaches with a tumor on the outside of the skull

What exactly is a tumor that is on the outside of the skull called, why does it ache all the time, I am constantly rubbing that part of my head to try and get relief.  I have suffered with the worse migrains for over 20 years, same amount of time I have had this tumor on the outside of my skull.  I have forgotten it's name, but it does have one,
neo something or another.  What is the treatment for this, is it like a bone spur on the skull??  Can it be removed?
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I have a tumor  on the outside of the skull on the left side of my head.
It is called a nueroma. A tumor attached to the nerves. It is not cancerous.
I used to get migraines also until I got my wisdom teeth removed. Then the
headaches went away. I think you should contact your family doctor. He/She
may ask you to have an X-ray. Mine can not be removed, due to the position
it is in. I also have 1 on the palm of my left hand. That 1 they biopsied to determine
what it was. My suregeon was a Nurologist.
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A neuroma is basically a swollen nerve. Did you hit your head there? Some neuromas can now be treated with alcohol injections. It is a new treatment so a lot of docs don't use it yet. I don't know if you could even have it done because it's on your skull but you should ask about it. It has a good success rate.
I had a neuroma surgically removed years ago and I've had no more problems. I know it is very painful because mine got worse over years (until it had to be cut out). Good luck!
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sounds like an osteoma. I would get a ct. I have one in my left Front sinus. I think it is causing my severe headache. good luck.  Karen
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