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malignant melanoma

My mother has a large malignant melanoma on top of her head.  We found this 3 or more years ago.  Due to her advanced age (she is now 88) and her dementia, we chose not to treat this.  Now the cancer is growing and has a lump that is raised about 1/2 inch and black.  The diameter of the cancer spot is approximately 2.5-3 inches - the raised area is about 1/3 this size.  If this raised area bothers her, should we get that part clipped off?  or will this make things worse?  She is in a home where she gets 24 hour care/medication.  She is otherwise asymptomatic except an occasional headache.  She talks and is able to communicate well - just repeats herself and has short-term memory loss.  Thanks
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What does the melanoma look like? How did it start? I am asking as we are a family of people with moles or birthmarks and how do you decide if they are malignant or not without going to the doctor? My mom also is 86. Thanks
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