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hi my sister (Sandra) was diagnosed with Anaplastic astrocytoma grade 3 brain tumor 9th Dec 09.
We have spoken with the neurosurgeon and have been told that surgery is not an option
because the tumor is located on the brain where it would effect her sight, hearing, speech and so on.  also the Oncologists did not want to administer radiotherapy because there is a 20% chance that this could damage her.  Chemotherapy has also been ruled out at present because the clinical nurses have told us that unless Sandra can feed herself and drink then she cannot receive treatment. Sandra has been bed laden now for 8 weeks and has got no use in her limbs, she can talk though this is limited and she can focus her eyes on us.  It just seems that they have given up on Sandra because of the poor prognosis but can anyone tell me if it is normal procedure not to issue treatment if a patient is in this condition and who would we ask for a second opinion. Sandra is currently in Qeen Elizabeth hospital Birmingham but is due to be transfered to wolverhamptons new cross hospital.  thankyou for any information.
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