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please help me understand MRI

Dortor I had an MRI on my head as they were looking for chusion's disease and I don't understand the results.Mabey you do.Here they are:

Clinical Findings: Rule out pituitary tumor

Technique: Multisequence multiplanar unenhanced MRI of the sella region

Findings: No evidence of a suprasellar extension of the pituitary gland. The pituitary stalk is in the midline. There is no tissue extending into the parasellar structures. Normal signal of the adeno- and of the neurohypophysis.The remainder of the brian demonstrates a cystic dilatation within the left lateral ventricle that extends to the trigone of the lateral ventricle and over which the fornix is stretched. I would recommend dedicated cerebral imaging with an MRI of the brian to further elucidate this finding. As of yet there is no midline shift and no significant mass effect on the adjacent sulci and gyri.

Impression: While the sellar region is normal, a cystic dilation is found within the posterior part of the left lateral ventrical extending the trigone of the ventrical that should be further followed with imaging.

Please help explian this if you can and tell me what steps i have to take now

Thanks a million Aaron
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