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very concerned
Hi, My name is franco, I'm 21, and well the reason I joined medhelp was to try and find a diagnosis for my mother she is 48 yrs old and well is suffering from what I hope is not cancer. My first thought was actually to post in the neurology dept. however I really feel that I would have a great peace of mind if I could rule out any sort of cancer. My mothers symptoms are that she says she feels as if her brain is heavy and really warm, causing nausea and sometimes diarrhea. She says she feels this predominantly in the back of head region close to were the head meets the neck. lately she's told me her stomach is very easily upset which is quickly followed by the heaviness of her brain and a feeling of wanting to burp but being unable too. Two years ago she was diagnosed with having a vertigo problem, however my concern is that she has never suffered from any sort of ear infections or problems, and well I don't feel it explains her symptoms. I would really appreciate some advice, and guidance she means the world to me and I really need some help. thank you

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