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Closed Head Injury!

Please Help! In Sept Of 2008 I feel from about 6 foot in the air and about 5 foot forward and hit the edge of a counter with my right side of my forehead. Well I had a 4 to 5 mm bleed in my brain on the right side. I have had the worst migraines, nausea , some vomiting, I get really lightheaded , my neck is extremely stiff all the time on the right side and now the stiffness has moved all the way up into my jaw!  Just recently the right side of my face went numb and fell like I was have a stroke the hospital diagnosed it as I was having seizers . I have also been having trouble sleeping along with that I keep getting these really sharp pains on the right side of my head. About Two days ago the sharp pains also started on the left side of my head. I have had ct scans and mris showing that the blood is there and is new the docs keep throwing word at me like it could be a hemorage or an avm and now the latest is a calcification which I highly doubt! Please Help me I am in complete misery and am going crazy!!!
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I have a closed-head brain injury from a car accident three years ago.    I would try to find a good neurologist and psychiatrist.  The neurologist can help with any physical symptoms, including the headaches.  The psychiatrist can help with medications that might help you with any long-term effects like depression, memory loss, etc.  I had headaches all the time (24/7) for the first year or two, and then then got better.  I also had a mild stroke, TMI, which clears up after a day or so.  It is a long, hard road to recovery.  Rely on doctors, friends and family.

I also did a therapy called neurotherapy which uses an EEG to retrain the brain, and it was very effective for me in regaining my cognitive abilities and in controlling mood swings.  Find someone who does a "brain map" first.  This treatment will have to wait until brain swelling goes down and you stablize.  

Research Traumatic Brain Injury for more information.  May God be with you in your journey as He was with me.
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Sounds like you have a subluxion injury in addition to a head injury. Nothing is typical of a siezure. But that is JUST A GUESS.

The "calcification" term PRONABLE refers to a narrowing of a nerve passageway in the cervical area through calcium deposits.

I am extremely reluctant to provide medical advice, because I don't want you to cause more damage, but often (ask your doctor) the treatment is counter-intuitive, and involved range of motion exercises THROUGH AND BEYOND the limits of pain.

My guess if you have two injuries. One of them involves cervical damage and the other stems from the hematoma.

You need an evaluation from a hospital team that specializes in brain injury.
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The word is PROBABLY and NOT PRONABLE. I wish this site had a way to make corrections to a post.
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{I also did a therapy called neurotherapy which uses an EEG to retrain the brain, and it was very effective for me in regaining my cognitive abilities and in controlling mood swings.  Find someone who does a "brain map" first.}

In regards to brainmapping, Dr. Andrew Yellen has a neuro-elecrical lab which utilizes a system called the DESA (Digital Electro-Encephalogram Spectral Analysis). This is a brain mapping system complete with evoked potentials. The hardware and software was developed at Harvard and the equipment is FDA certified. The neurologist on staff does the analysis and you will know the extent of your damage and how it is affecting your auditory and visual cognition. You can find additional information at:

Then you'll be ready for the neurotherapy to retrain the areas of the brain highlighted by the DESA analysis.

If you have any further questions, let me know.
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