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Concussion can it cause depression etc

Ok so about 7-8 months ago I suffered a concussion and was off work for quite a time I am getting back to it now.
My question is can suffering a concussion cause depression and suicidal thoughts as well as self harm?  Basically when I was a teenager I was suicidal and a cutter and haven't done anything like that since, until I got the concussion and a few months into the treatment etc I started cutting again and feeling suicidal.  I didn't tell anyone at first because I was worried about my work finding out.  Could this all be from the concussion?
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Yes, you can have depression and suicidal thoughts because of concusstion/mTBI(mild traumatic brain injury).

My depression is due to the reason I cannot go out and do things as I used to do because of headaches, dizziness, fatigue and lost my smell and taste because of the head injury, has non-stop tinnitus etc.,   I struggle with suicidal thoughts too and I tried anit-depressants but made things worse since my underlying cause was not resolved.

But yours may be a different reason since you already had those thoughts and concussion aggravated it.  But you can get help.  The best person who can help you is Neuro-Psychologist.  They do know a lot about head injury and certainly know how to treat some one suffering with depression, anxiety and suicidal thoughts.  Neurologists may not be that helpful for your condition.

I personally talked to few people with concussion/TBI and they all went through depression, suicidal thoughts and at some point got out of it.  

Good luck.
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Ok thanks.  I go back to my dr on Thursday and I will be possibly seeing a neuropsychiatrist soon maybe that's why she's sending me.  I didn't connect the two.  I am scared of being admitted to the psych ward or facility I have kept most of all of this very quiet in my life so as not to have too many people find out!
I see a neuropsychologist through work for the injury but I have not shared the suicidal thoughts or cutting with her at all!  However she recently discovered how much medication I am on and was questioning things a lot!
Thanks for your help I hope there is a way out for us both!
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Delayed symptoms of concussion include depression, irritability, sleep disturbances, seizures, loss of smell etc. A doctor generally looks for focal neurological or generalized neurological symptoms that would show there is a pressure on brain somewhere. In absence of these symptoms and based on the history a diagnosis of concussion is given. Suicidal thoughts can also be due to damage to the frontal lobe. This can also cause mood swings. Hence please get this assessed by a neurologist. A MRI of the brain should be done. Take care!
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