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MRI results

I am a 56 year old emergency room nurse, in May of this year I was the restrained passenger in a truck that was rear-ended. The truck I was in was stationary and was rear-ended by a vehicle traveling at 80mph. I was knocked out and the seat I was in collapsed to a flat position. I have no memory of the accident and nothing for one hour prior to the accident. I was diagnosed with post concussion syndrome and neck sprain. I have daily headaches or varying intensity, associated nausea. My short term memory is terrible and I find concentrating for any time very difficult. I have dizziness from time to time. My taste is affected although that is improving. My speech is terrible I stutter and cannot find words at times. If I am stressed I loose my ability to communicate, my mind just seems to blank out. I cannot switch off at night so I do not sleep well. I seem to be in a constant state of fear or irritation which is very frustrating because there is no reason for it. I do not drive at the present because I do not trust my reactions. I had an MRI done one month after the accident, it showed non specific white spots in the white matter. I have a history of migraines which were well under control and not a  problem, never having missed a day off work with them. In fact the menopause had improved them considerably. I now have a migraine almost everyday, usually with an aura. I take treatment for the neck pain in the form of massage and physio. What bothers me is the abnormal MRI my doctor states it is not related to the accident. How does he know this I have no MRI to base it on and I am having pain and symptoms since the accident I have never had before. I cannot work because I cannot remember what I have done a few hours after the event and I do not want to put another person in danger. I am frustrated because I would like to wake up and say it is all a dream and I can do everything I was able to do before the accident.
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I am sorry you are going through so much. There are a couple of things you should be evaluated for. One is a pinched cervical spinal nerve. So a MRI of the neck should be done. Your blood pressure should be monitored. The MRI brain changes you have are seen in migraine, however they can also be due to traumatic brain injury. Since there is no old MRI to compare with, the changes are thought to be due to migraine. The third possibility is post traumatic stress disorder. This can worsen your migraine attacks and cause undue fear and anxiety. It is treated with antedepressants and psychotherapy. Please discuss this with your doctor and get this evaluated. Take care!
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