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This is going to be a long post, so I apologize in advance. I've been to multiple doctors, emergency rooms, etc, and still have no answers to a problem that I've now had for years.
About 5 years ago I had a blunt force trauma to the back of my head with a metal pole. It left a dent in the back of my head. I was embarassed about hitting my head, and refused to go to the hospital. I didn't even tell anyone about it. Shortly after this incident, about 6 months later, I was diagnosed Bi-Polar. I never told anyone that either, and remained in denial for those 5 years.
About 8 months ago I was in a serious car accident. I was rear-ended while at a complete stop (he was going 50mph). Again, I refused the ambulance, but went to a chiropractor.
Since this car accident, I've had a multitude of symptoms arise. I'm running red lights because it isnt connecting with my brain that red means stop. I'm blacking out once or twice a month (NOT when I stand up fast or move quickly as I am physically unable to do that anymore), I have a constant shooting pain on the back of my head where that trauma was 5 years ago that resonates up to the top of my head. It is NOT a headache. Ibuprophen does not make it go away. I've had this head pain for 8 months straight now. I cant lay on the back of my head at night because the pressure makes it worse. I constantly feel a weird pressure inside my head that goes along with the fainting and dizziness.
One of my newest symtoms, about one month old, is pinching pains in my legs. I can be sitting, walking, it doesnt matter. Also, I recently was sitting in a regular upright position, without my legs crossed, and my right foot just started pointing upward. It felt as if someone was literally touching me and pulling up on my toes. When I tried to physically pull my foot back down, it would just point back up again. This lasted about 15 seconds and I was scared to death. My circulation felt fine. My leg just suddenly decided to do what it wanted.
For about the past 3 or 4 months I've had difficulty with speech. I know what I'm thinking, I just cant get the words out of my mouth. Also in the past week I've had trouble reading. I dont remember how to spell the simplest words, and I'm not recognizing words either. I keep having to look up spelling. It's taking me forever to type this entry. It's annoying for a person who used to have an IQ of 162.
Recently, within the past week, I've been getting hot flashes where my temperature rises quickly and falls back down quickly. I can walk up three stairs and be completely out of breath with my heart beating out of my chest. Not three flights, three stairs. Honestly, I feel like I'm dying.

I have been to doctors. I had a CT Scan today with "normal" results. My blood work always comes back Anemic (even though I have a better diet than most americans...chicken, fish, veggies, etc).
I have an allergy to Vitamin C.
My mental condition has gotten worse. I'm depressed and BiPolar because i'm constantly feeling sick. I'm sick and tired of being sick and tired.
I do not take drugs, I rarely drink alcohol, I do not smoke.
I used to have an active life, but have lost the energy to do anything anymore.

Doctors just tell me to take meds for the headaches and to seek help for depression. I'm sure I've missed a lot of symptoms, but thats all i can think of right now.
someone help please.

(recently laid-off from job, no health insurance, no money)

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I also forgot to mention that shortly after my trauma 5 years ago I was diagnosed night blind because my pupils no longer dialate correctly.
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Oh, and also, when I went to the ER yesterday I had brown urine, about the color of tea. No doctor even mentioned why. I've had excruciating abdominal pain for the past two years now and had my ovaries checked with nothing found. Ive had kidney stones, and assumed the brown was just blood in my urine, but Ive also heard brown urine can stand for kidey failure.
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Your conduct in not going to an emergency room after being hit with a pole and after the automobile accident leaves me speechless. It suggests a complete lack of judgement.

That being said, here we are now, March, 2009.

Where do we go from here?

There is a strong liklihood you recieved brain damage from the first injury, secondary to swelling/bleeding and such damage often results in a number of psychiatric disorders. Often there is bleeding in the area of the pituitary, causing mood disorders. You undoubtedly had a concussion and probably a subdural hematoma.

From the automobile injury you probably suffered cervical compression injuries, commonly known as subluxion injuries.

Again, your conduct in refusing an ambulance and seeking a chiropractor leaves me speechless.

The chiropractor was above his pay grade in providing treatment and evaluation. Knowing he treated you and did not immediately refer you to an appropriate brain injury facility staffed by M.D.'s makes me want to do three rounds in the boxing ring with him. He is a quack.

You needed an MRI with dye contrast and not a CT scan.

Your failure to go in an ambulance and obtain a hospital evaluation may have forever compromised your ability to obtain an insurance settlement.

Both of the injuries you incurred may cause pain and discomfort that can never be resolved. The subluxion injuries often get worse after a period of time.

Healing takes a long, long time.

You need to consult:

(a) an attorney

(b) a pain specialist with knowledge of cervical injuries

There are treatment options for the pain, and surgical options, but without seeing an MRI or your medical reports I hesitate to suggest them.

As for your abdominal pain and urine, I have no idea.

You need to get into the conventional health care system.

If you have no insurance do a google search for the closest Hill-Burton Hospital available.

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I did a bit of research and discovered there is a new technique used in Europe and in Nevada to relieve pain from cervical compression instead of a laminectomy.

This involves injection of ozone into the spaces between the vertebrae in minute quantities. The shrinking of the cartilidge, according to the literature, sometimes relieves chronic pain.

Ozone treatments are looked at with a jaundiced eye by the AMA, and the late Dr. Atkins (of dietary fame) was brought up on charges and told to "cease and desist" when found to be treating is patients with ozone.

Nevada seems to be a little bit more adventurous in utililizing new medical protocols.
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I appreciate your response. Youre right in a few areas, and wrong in a few.
I didnt go to the hospital when I was 17 because I was 17, I was home alone, and I wasnt about to call an ambulance (you didnt know my mother).
My car accident isnt related to the abdominal pain. I've had that pain for two years. The accident was 8 months ago.
I did receive an insurance settlement.
I asked for an MRI when I went to the ER, but because I have no health insurance (because I was just laid off from my job etc), they arent willing to run such a costly scan.

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