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one more thing i want to inform you about is that when i am sitting in a class to attend a lecture.when i try concentrate what the teacher is speaking immediately my left ear starts paining and i am not able to understand a single word of that.also in a group or so with friends sometimes i am not able to interpret what they are saying and left part and back part starts paining as if somebody is compressing my nerves.due to this problem i am not able to perform well in the studies also.my family members think that i am making excuses of not to study but its not like that.how can i explain to it to my family members.i had a homeopathic consultant previously .when i took the medicine coarse for 15 days pain was reduced to a small extent.but when i stopped medicine pain was as it is as was before.i am totally down i am not able to understand what to do.also i had a checkup of my left eye but all things are normal.my visibility is normal.only when i try to concentrate more left eye and part above my left eye starts paining and left ear and lower back part of my left head starts paining.also i want to say that i have seen some abnormal changes in myself.various thought process are generated in my mind continuously.for this reason  i am not able to sleep well.as my mind clearly thinks of something or the other things which ihave done on that day again and again.i think i am not mentally stable.please give some suggestions
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What you need to do is get yourself in to a Neurologist and a regular Doc. Dont just let them give you pain meds tell them you want answers. If they dont go to another doctor. What you are describing sounds rather serious considering you cant do much. Ask for a cat scan and a mri good luck
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I have consulted a neurologist and after examination he suggested that I have hemicrania continua in left Brain and he had asked me to go for MRI
I wanted to ask do I have Attention Deficit Disorder as I am not able to concentrate in my classe when someone speaks I remain in day dreaming of something or the other and there the pain starts. when I try to actively participate in class the pain just blocks me from doing this and I just cant interpret what that person is saying and I day dream many times and continuously memories from my previous days or years rush in my thoughts and I feel i will commit suicide one day
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