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16 y/o w/ headache, fever, vomiting

my daughter got a headache on fri after riding amusement rides last fri. sun she had fever.i gave her tylenol. the next morning (mon) her temp was103 & she still had the headache. she took tylenol & ibu alternating every 4-6 hrs. 4 am tues morning she started vomiting. i took her to er at our local rural hosp. dr gave her a script for zofran 4 mg odt. the symptoms continued even though i still gave her meds routinely. her fever decreased to 101 but headache & vomiting worsened. tues afternoon i drove her to a bigger hosp & she went thru er. they did a CAT scan, which showed nothing & gave her a shot of phenergan 25 mg & script to fill for phenergan 25 mg tabs. the dr at this er said he thought she had a concussion & a viral bug at the same time. i thought maybe she was getting a little better however wed she started vomiting again. the headache has never gone away. i took her back to our little er wed night. she ran blood work, tested her urine, did a strep test. she also pushed a bag of fluids into her for dehydration & gave her demerol for headache (which didn't help). she suggested i take her to a chiropractor. we went to the chiropractor on thurs. he worked on her & wants to see her again next week. i have continued the tylenol & phenergan. only 1/2 tab of the phenergan because it makes her sleepy. her fever has stayed down & the vomiting has decreased but she can't keep much fluid down. she has only eaten a few crackers since sun. today she had more lab tests but everything was in the normal range. the dr could tell from her urine that she had been vomiting & that she needs to drink. she still has the headache as bad as ever. she describes it as hurting behind her eyes, like a pressure and her ears hurt but not like an earache but pressure. she just sleeps & when awake cries from the pain. is there something you know of that maybe the drs are missing? could it be a migraine?
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