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Burst in back of head followed by wave of heat

Hello, I'm a 29 year old female experiencing some very strange issues lately.  About 8 weeks ago, I started experiencing light-headedness where I was feeling woozey (not dizzy) as well as a tingling feeling on the left side of my head (towards the back). I went to an Immediate Care center because I thought I had a brain tumor, but a CT showed as normal as well as other tests they ran.  I went to see my Primary doc about it a couple weeks later. She prescribed a nasal spray insisting it was all allergy related.  I went back again yesterday and was told it was allergies again and the head pain is probably a pulled muscle in my neck.   The strangest feeling occurred last night. My husband and I were at a movie and I suddenly felt this bursting in the back of my head, following by a rush through my body of heat; almost as if a wave went through me.  
I haven't been involved in any accidents or had any head trauma, and there haven't been any major dietary changes.  I work out 3-4 days per week, though I am overweight.
I really don't think it's allergy related or a pulled muscle especially that burst that I felt last night; however, three doctors have stated it's allergies (though that bursting feeling never happened to me before last night).
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Dear Friend,
Allergy related events are commonly associated with itching. Hence i agree with you that it's not allergy related. Good part is that you are already done with the CT scan and it was normal. Hence i am re-assuring you that it's not related to any tumor or any other brain or skull related pathology. But why exactly it's happening, can't be specifically explained by me as i have not examined you.
Based on the inputs given form your side, i can say that it may be "idiopathic". By this i mean, the cause can't be quantified or explained. Since there are millions of impluses created inside the brain, on daily basis, hence, it must be felt, due to exagerration of some impulse. The exact treatment, presently can't be provided presently, unless it becomes a repeated activity ( more than 5 times in a day, for more than 5 minutes).

However you can start medicines, for helping the nerve's nutrition. These medicines should contain Vit B-12 with Alpha lipoic acid, folic acid, pyridoxine. Common brand name available is "Renerve Plus".
Dosage-Once daily (single capsule) for 1 month.

Feel free to discuss more.
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Thank you for responding.  Any thought as to what that bursting feeling in the back of my head followed by a wave/rush of heat throughout me may have been???

I do take a prenatal-vitamin daily (I'm not pregnant, but we are trying to conceive) which is full of folic acid, but I don't know if it has the other nutrients that you mentioned. I will have to double check that.

I have scheduled an appt with a neurologist in a few weeks, so hopefully he can determine the cause of this and help me to stop worrying.

Thanks again!
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