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Dental work causing pain
This is really two questions:

TMJ on my left side.

This seems to be the origin of a spate of recent headaches and neck aches I've been having on that site.  Also I've had some dental work recently done on that side which had me in the chair under novacane for about an hour each time, the last about two weeks ago.


Is it logical for me to believe that a new pain I've been having, which is a kind of pressure twinge in the back of my skull about an inch up or so from where it meets my neck on that side when I swallow could be related to being in an odd position in the dental chair for so long?

Second, this whole last week, I've been having what seem like cluster/migraine/tension headaches.  Is it possible that I could have moderate level cluster headaches which I got a migraine in the middle of a round of?  I have had both before and they're always on this left side, which I also had a bout or bursitis in much earlier in life.  I'm a 43 less than pack a day smoker now and male..

I've got a check up in a couple of weeks anyway.  Does this sound like I should be looking into it earlier than that?


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Dear Friend,
It appears that you just had a muscle catch / spasm due to prolonged sitting on the dental chair. I am not able to find a co-relation between your present symptoms and migraine.
However if you doubt about migraine, then i would suggest you to meet a good neurologist to get a check up done, for knowing the real reason / rule out migraine.
But we can really wait a little more, before we meet him and undergo a cascade of investigations (MRI/CT scans).
Rest will be best. If the pain is bothering you more, then pain killers as well as a soft cervical collar would be enough for a few days , followed by going back to work.
Please discuss if you have further queries.
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