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Hemiplegic migraine

Four years ago my daughter (now 30) was diagnosed with hemiplegic migraine. She had attacks in which she lost consciousness and her right arm and sometimes leg would shake. When she came round, she would be unable to speak, although able to understand language) and her right arm and sometimes leg would be paralysed; this could linger for hours or days. She was put on propranolol as a prohpylactic, but the dose has had to be increased until now she is on 160mg twice daily. She has had increasing headaches over the last few months and has stopped eating cheese and chocolate to try to prevent them. About three weeks ago she had a full blown attack with seizures, over three days, and she is still sightly dysphasic. It seems obvious that she needs a change of treatment. What would you suggest? In particular, would antidepressants help? She has been offered these by her GP but has had bad side effects in the past, consisting of episodes of violent shaking, without loss of consciousness.
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