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Long-Term Severe Neck Paid/Headache - Desperate Situation

Hello - I don't normally post in these forums, but I have nowhere else to turn.  In February of 2010, my wife starting noticing she had a constant headache behind her right eye.  There was also an intense pain on the back of her neck as well.  She started seeing doctors including allergist, ENT, as well as family practitioner.  Nothing they tried worked.  She was told it was anxiety and put on anti-depressants.  Those changed nothing.

She ended up seeing a neurologist who put her on a slew of medications.  The headaches didn't get any better, but she became constantly exhausted from the meds.

They ended up putting her in the hospital twice for IV DHE treatments.  Each treatment lasted a week, and each time she left the hospital with NO IMPROVEMENT.

Since then, she has been seeing a headache specialist.  He first gave her some shots in her neck which he said would provide some relief.  They did the opposite - it immediately made the problem much worse.

He gave her some more meds to try - muscle relaxers, different anti-depressants, pain killers - NONE of them have worked.  The pain killers will help a little to take the edge off, but that's not good enough.

She has started seeing a chiropractor as well as a physical therapist.  After attending physical therapy this last week (where they worked on her neck), she has been practically bed-ridden the last 4-5 days because of how bad it made her head hurt.

We are desperate.  We have a very busy life with two kids and lots of commitments and her headaches have brought our life to a halt.  She is depressed - and rightfully so.  It's hard when doctors who are 'experts' in their fields cannot help her.

She is my best friend and I know her so well - I can see the pain in her eyes.  It is slowly wearing her down and I feel totally helpless.

Does anyone have any suggestions, ideas, etc??
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Dear Friend,
I am really surprised as why , no CT scan was done, for this issue. I would suggest you to have a CT scan done urgently and once the reports are ready, we can have a further discussion.
Meanwhile, just try to convince her thatt his problem would have a diagnosis as well as a solution soon.
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