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Need help for my husband

Yes, it is Christmas Eve and I am posting a question!  We are pretty desperate- here is the story:  My husband is 52, has high blood pressure (takes medication) and he has had a horrible headache just below his ear on is left side (base of the skull) for about a week now.  He had a sinus infection about three weeks ago, took antibiotics and this pain developed.  He said he has had it before, just never this bad and this long.  The primary care dr. sent him to an ENT who had him get a CAT scan.  It came up clear.  However, they found calcification on his right carotid artery! (he is getting an ultrasound on it on Monday).   However no one really helped him with the headache.  Alleve helps but doesn't take the pain away totally.  He also has a bulging disc in his upper back/neck which his dr also said might be the issue, sent us to both orthopedist and neurologist.  What is going on?  
Thanks, (and happy holidays)
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Dear Friend,
Happy New Year.
We will have to wait for the Ultra sound report and also get a Cervical Spine MRI done in order to know and analyze the problem.
Meanwhile till these reports are available, would like you to please have his life style modified -
1) Sleep hygiene to be maintained,
2) Not to wake him suddenly, from the bed.
3) Keep the stress levels minimum.

There are a few holistic advice i have mentioned, which helps a lot. Once the reports are available, would opine further.
Feel free to discuss further,
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