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Sudden onset headache, back of head, very painful and won't go away

I was working out in the gym about 2 weeks ago, when I got a sudden headache, I tried to lift a weight (biceps) for one last time, and 'pop', a sudden intense pain in the back of my head. I saw stars for a second, then went outside and doused my head in water. After about 5 minutes it subsided enough that I finished workout, went home. It gradually built up again, and I woke up with a nagging headache in the back of my head. I took it easy and relaxed, still had it. Then the patterned developed, during the day it was light, but I would wake up in the middle of night, very painful, scary. I would go out for a walk in the cool air and it would subside. A doctor friend told me to take Methacarbomol/Naproxen and I did, but it just made me sleepy.  
I went to a neurologist, who touched various parts of my head and neck and checked reflexes. He determined it to be "tensional encephalitis" (I am in Mexico, I think that translates to "tension headache"). He put me on amitriptyline(6 mg 3xday), Tramadol(25 mg)/ketorolac(10 mg) 2xday, and 1000 mg acetaminophen 3xday. At first it put me right to sleep and helped my headaches a lot, for a couple days, and now it has less effect, and last night I woke up with the most intense headache yet, despite my meds. I walked all the way to the hospital before the pain wore off, and then came back home, and made the bedroom as cool as possible, and slept well. It seems maybe the hot nights may aggravate it. Please help, is this really just something mundane?  It hurts sooo much, and it worries me that I could die, or go brain dead, it is the most intense head pain I have ever had.  They ordered an encehpalograph, like a CAT scan I think, but now I need to do lots of paperwork to get the mexican state insurance to pay. Should I not wait and just pay the $300 now?  I feel it may be urgent, but he assured me that I will be just fine. Please help, I am seriously concerned for my health. I had Lyme’s 10 yrs ago but was treated with antibiotics.
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