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Are doctor groups limiting # of new Obamacare subsidized exchange patients?

I've recently read news reports that people with subsidized exchange plans sometimes have trouble finding available doctors. Maybe this is especially a problem if they need a specialist?

Also, I've read that doctors, those who accept Medicaid, can choose to see only a few Medicaid patients. This, I assume, let's them do some good public service while limiting their exposure to the bad aspects of Medicaid (low reimbursement payments, government paperwork, etc).

Does this also happen with patients who bought insurance through a marketplace/exchange? Perhaps a doctor's contract with an insurance company requires the doctor to accept all plans, but the doctor simply accepts only a very few patients with exchange plans. That lets the doctor accept more patients with plans that pay more for the doctor's services.

Please tell me your real world observations and experiences with this. Thank you!
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