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Health carre reform

When will the Madness end. I have a MANDATED obama care plan that is absolute garbage. The deductible, before it pays a single dime in 6 grand. It costs me nothing but the insurance company makes 420 dollars a month for this flimsy garbage plan. Free money from the Government. Ad to this the fact that Doctors are under pressure from administrators to make the hospitals they work for as profitable as possible. a list of services all enormously over priced (50 dollars for a single aspirin) and hospital intake workers that will be calling for payment the second you get home, as if their lights were going to be shut off. Our near by clinic in Marshfield is like Vatican city-a sprawling muti BILLION dollar complex not paid for by them. The dental clinic there offers "sliding scale" work and then gets more money from the government and simply doubles the fees to the client. This "reform" is not at all about health care and everything to do with a cash grab that pales the greediest wall street embezzlers.
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