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19 Years Old, Sick, No Insurance

I live in Indiana.  I was cut off of Medicaid because I turned 18.  I am not disabled enough to require Medicaid Disability, but recently evidence was found that I may have a problem in my uterus.  I'm having such severe pain that it's hard for me to stay awake sometimes, I'm so fatigued I just want to pass out.  Apparently, Indiana has NO free health coverage for 19 year olds.  There are no jobs in my area and I haven't the money to drive anywhere else to check for jobs.  

What am I supposed to do?  Die?  Is that what these government people are telling me.  I'm not worth anything to them, just because I'm 19 I can't have any help?  I've talked to my caseworker, supposedly there's no one who covers 19 year olds for free, and there's no way I'm getting disability.  Any suggestions?  

This pain is unbearable, I need to see a doctor!  My OBGYN won't see me without insurance or a payment plan of some sort, and as I stated, I don't have a job.  


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Where are your parents?  Why don't they help you, if you have this life threatening uterus problem?  

You'll have to go to your local health dept.  They usually treat according to a sliding scale fee system.  

You'll need to try harder for a job, any job that carries health insurance.  Life is about working, paying your bills, making your way on your own.  Health problems don't negate your responsibility to take care of yourself.  Pain or not.  You will learn as you grow up that people, while sympathetic, won't take care of you for long.  Someday, you have to stand up on your own.

I'm not saying that out of criticism, but out of compassion and encouragement.  You need to get out there.  My son lived on the streets from age 18 until he finally understood that he HAD to work to live.  It took a long time.  
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If you can work, get a job with healthcare benefits. I think there are employers' who will give you benefits if you work part-time.

My heart goes out to you. Although there are some people who don't want to work, the majority of Americans do and some of those Americans have also fell through the cracks because of our failed health system. I always write my Congressmen and Senators about the need for affordable health insurance for everyone.
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Wow, I think you guys think I'm not trying to get a job.  I've tried.  THERE AREN'T ANY IN MY AREA.  I can't just walk 50 miles to the next town to get a job.  Jesus Christ!  I think you've just used me to rant about today's youth, peekawho.  About my parents, my dad kicked me out at 16 because I'm a lesbian.  That's why I can't got to my "parents".  My mother is dead.  All of my family members grew up and live in poverty, so there's no helping me there.  I did work for about 5 years as a housekeeper/nanny (and don't even tell me that that's not a real job! :), but my employer moved out of state.  She moved last year and ever since I've been looking and looking, and LOOKING for a job.  Unfortunately, the employment rate is up, meaning it's harder for the unemployed to get a job.  So, as far as I can tell, I'm not lazy and the reason I don't have a job isn't for lack of trying.  

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I feel for ya. I dont know how to help you because my fiencee and i are in the same boat right now. its a pain in the butt i swear. I'm 19 and he is 20. Im going to college in sept. (All paid for by FASFA) and i can not get any insurance my Fiencee will be starting a new job makin $10 an hour but that isnt enough money to pay bills and insurance. I was on the streets from 14 to 15 years old and once i got rapped 2 times i went to my grandparents, and my probation officer gave her custody of me thats the only reason i got my college paid for is because i was a foster kid and i had insurance untill i graduated high school then they dropped me its like the only people that the state wants to help out are people not willing to hep them selves. Maybe i should just go out and have a baby so i can get insurance i dont know. that seems to be the only way to get the Oregon Health Plan(which is where im from) and it sucks ***. well i would really enjoy talking to you more if you want to.
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I'm not about to say that a housekeeper/nanny job isn't a real job--thats a fine job. Are there no more families with children where you live, either?  

How do you pay your rent?  For your food?  For your electricity?  For your gas?  For your internet?  For your phone? For your clothes?   If you have NO job at all, who pays for those things?  

If you have some source of part time income, you'll need to save and save until you can move to an area with better job opps.  There is nothing else to do.  If you don't qualify for Medicaid, then there is not much else on the horizon.  Go to the health dept if you have health problems.  They may not be much, but they're all you have on the table right now.

Its a sad fact that until you either are poverty stricken enough to qualify for Medicaid, or better yourself by saving up to move to another place with a better job, you won't be able to do much for your health.  

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I'm looking for a job, as I made perfectly clear.  Right now, I live with my fiencee, who lives with her mother.  Paige (the mother) has been generous enough to support me, although I do get food stamps, so I "buy" my own food.  (I say that in quotes because honestly the money comes from good, honest tax payers.)  I'm sorry I got so defensive.  

As for you, Concerned Fiencee:   Thank you for understanding.  Yeah, I know what you mean.  It's like, the only people who can get health insurance are those who are dumb enough to go out and have a kid or do drugs.  

Today Blue Cross called.  This is so funny.  She asked me if I had any legitimate health or mental issues.  I told her I have: Bipolar disorder, insomnia, post traumatic stress disorder, and severe ADD.  I also mentioned that I'm supposed to be on 3 different medicines.  All she had to say was; "We can't cover you unless you're taking the medicine."  And this was right after I'd explained that I had stopped taking it because of money issues.  Paige (the mother) may let me stay there, but she doesn't pay my medical bills (and I don't expect her to).  

As for family members to help. XD  My grandmother's are both dead, my grandfather lives in another state and is poor, my other grandfather is a tight wad, and I've already borrowed 30 bucks from my dad for some antibiotic.  I actually did go to the ER for some really severe stuff.  They THOUGHT had Tetinus (misspelled, I think), and I needed oral antibiotic to keep out other infection.  Turned out, I had Mono.  No idea how!  So I spent money on an unneeded antibiotic and I need to pay my dad back (who is in the hole as it is with his own bills).  

So yeah, I'm pretty much screwed.  Plus, when I get a job, Paige (the mother), intends on making me pay her $700 a month for this ****** little house while she packs up to move to Texas.  She expects my fiencee and I to keep the house while she's away, just in case!_!  I feel obliged, but honestly.  She's thinking about upping it to $900 a month.  How am I supposed to afford that AND health insurance?!

Sheesh . . . I'm in a pickle.
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