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Affordable Care Act: Medicaid vs Marketplace eligibiliy

I would be accessing the Affordable Care Act health insurance options that start in January, 2014 as a resident of New York state.
My question is, if, for any reason, I earn less than the Federal poverty level income set at $11,400. for one person/ one year - am I obliged to sign up with Medicaid or am I allowed to purchase Marketplace health insurance and be
reimbursed by IRS tax refund as if I earned $11,400./year?
Are all individuals participating in ACA health insurance 2014, who earn less than $11,400./year, obliged to sign up with Medicaid?
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Dear MRI123,

My understanding is that you can purchase a Qualified Health Plan on exchange regardless of whether you qualify for Medicaid or not; however you don’t qualify to receive tax credits, subsidy or premium re-imbursement on your premiums, if you qualify for Medicaid.


Amir Mostafaie
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