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Do I need to put every doctor visit on my insurance application?

I could really use someone's advice here.  A few days ago I filed an application for an individual policy with the help of an agent.  When I went over my copy of the application the next day more closely, I found about 15 errors on it.  Many things that I just didn't think of when I was going through the online application with the agent. (We were going through it pretty fast).

I called the agent back, and told him I think we need to amend all those things or cancell the application.  He said he's not concerned about all those things.  Only one of them would he ammend.  I expressed my concern that I'm worried the insurance company might rescind my policy later on if I'm not very accurate up front.  He again said he's not concerned and that he's never seen one rescinded for that.

I'm very confused, because I've been on several discussion forums, and most people tell me that an insurance company can rescind your application for 'anything' you omit (even if unintentional), and even if its totally unrelated to any of your active conditions.   My insurance agent is downplaying this possibility, but is he right?  Or should I be concerned?

I'm just really torn as to what to do. I'm seriously thinking of cancelling the application and going it on my own. Am over over-thinking this?
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Dear Ron00,

It is true that an insurance carrier can rescind your policy if they find the information provided on your application is not consistent with your medical records. In fact I have even seen applications being declined due to the same reason.

If your agent is not responding to your concern, you can contact the insurance carrier directly & ask them how you can submit additional information about your health history. Most carriers accept additional information in writing; some will even take it over the phone.


Amir Mostafaie  
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