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HSA Insurance Plan with Epilepsy ?

I have epilepsy and I'm on medication.

I'm looking at an HSA plan with an $1150 deductible, between that and the premiums it's right in my budget.
After that it picks up everything I need 100% within their network, and all my doctors are in there network.

I also did some research and looked at what an HSA is and some of the specifics. This specific account requires a $25 per month deposit and 2% interest.

My question is why would I better off with a PPO/POS plan compared to this HSA plan?

I'm asking because I've read in 2 places so far that HSA plans are "good for the healthy, but bad for the sick".
Although they didn't quite explain why. I mean are their some hidden charges or catches within this type of plan that I'm not understanding?

Maybe because of the "high deductible"? Although $1150 seems pretty low compared to most plans now. Especially when that is my annual out of pocket.


Kenneth Morrissey
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I think Amir is right...you must have to consult with a licensed insurance agent.
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Dear kenny782,

The reason why some consider an HSA eligible health plan a better option for people in good health is because HSAs typically have a slightly lower premium in lieu of covering your services subjet to a deductible. So with HSA eligible health plans, almost always one has to meet one’s deductible (meaning they have to pay for their services out of their pocket) before the carrier starts paying for any services. Now those with health issues are more likely to need/use services & it is certain that they will be required to pay their deductible.

Your best bet is to consult with a licensed agent so he/she can not only help you decide whether an HSA is your best option but also advise you on what carrier would be your best option considering your pre-existing Epilepsy.


Amir Mostafaie
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