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Healthcare Information for People Without Health Insurance

What is the best way to compare prices across different doctors to find out which would be the best fit for me?  I don't currently have health insurance and am obviously not in a position to pay for extensive service.
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Good question. As far as I can tell is no other way to compare other than calling individual doctors and asking what they charge. Of course you probably will only get the cost of office visits. You will probably only get costs of tests and treatments only after you see the doctor unless you know exactly the test or treatment you might need.
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Hello, I really do  not get my medication with the doctors they are too expensive.I order my medication online with Medicines Mexico. Am sick of paying high prices for medications.
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Established in 1982, Benefit Concepts, Inc. always strives to provide the best coverage and quality of service to our customers.  
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You guys are expensive
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