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Help! Need worldwide health care with maternity cover (low waiting period)


I am desperately trying to find an international health insurance that has maternity cover with a waiting period for coverage of maternity no more than 90 days.  Preferable even less of a wait if it exists.  I will be moving to Spain next week and will live there definitely for 6months.  After that time, depending on my work, I will either be able to stay in Spain or I will have to move, probably back to the U.S. but potentially to another country as well.  

My husband and I have delayed starting a family because of our moving around, however it doesn't seem to have an end :) So, we really want to start trying to get pregnant by this coming August 2009.  Therefore, I need coverage for maternity starting August (or near) and beyond, worldwide.

I cannot find anything online for this situation.  Please give me any advice you possible can.

Thank you so very much!

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I agree.  You are going to have some issues finding the coverage that you need let alone it being an affordable health insurance plan.  I would think that the best bet a person like you has and Amir may know better then I but would be to find a world wide health insurance plan with a broker like the medibroker or http://www.nationalinsurancebrokers.com, but the plans that i am aware of would require you to be in the u.s. I think every 6 months on a return visit of some sort and show that you do reside in the u.s.

I hope they can help you a little but, starting a family is a great thing and I hope you have the opportunity.  Good luck.
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The reason why you can’t find international health insurance that has maternity coverage is because it is not easy to determine the potential cost of services & therefore what you should be charged for premiums. Who knows if you will be giving birth in an expensive metropolitan hospital with a world renowned obstetrician or in a small town clinic with a local midwife? Even the “European Health Insurance Card” doesn’t cover maternity for Europeans the way US insurers that offer this benefit do! What you might be able to find is a plan with limited benefit, regardless of what the total cost may be or where you have your child.

Try medibroker at http://www.medibroker.com/quotes.html. They are an independent broker specialized in international insurance and maybe able to help you find a plan that has some of the things you are looking for.


Amir Mostafaie
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