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I have a lot of health problems but no insurance

Most of them concern my body. I think I have an anxiety disorder or type 2 diabetes but I'm not really sure of that so I wont elaborate on it.

I have a large case of "gynecomastia" that sometimes burns and it's hard to really lay down with them. It's almost like its a dead weight there that inhibits my breathing, I find myself very restless and agitated in the morning because of lack of sleep. Next I have a rib in my right side that's curved inward and causes discomfort for me every day. Whereas my left side's rib area is flush, this has a drastic V indentation. Next, my stomach caves in... I think it's called a "cascading stomach" from what I read on the internet. Basically it's split into to sections. My stomach from side view is shaped like a giant B with a very large impression between my upper and lower abdomen.. I have to stand to eat or else the top portion gets larger than my bottom portion. I also get occasional heartburn.

I don't want to end my life but I'm not sure what health insurance would accept me knowing that I probably have upward of 20 grand AT LEAST of surgery and medication. I live in pain every day and it's getting worse and I'm not really sure what to do. Do they intend on helping people or making money? I' just turned 19
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Dear carlfromwi,

Under the new Health Care Reform, the Federal Government has set up a website, where individuals with pre-existing conditions can get coverage.

You can visit http://finder.healthcare.gov/ and take the following 2 steps;

- use the drop down box to determine your state of residence

- choose "Individual with Medical Condition" tab

After that you answer a few questions and will be able to enroll in a plan.


Amir Mostafaie
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