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I need some advice

i need to know where i can get assistance for past due hospital bills that have gone into collections.i am 20 and they are from when i was 17-19yrs old... i was unable to pay them. now they are killing my credit.... the only thing is i dont live in idaho anymore.... can anybody point me in the right direction??? it would SOOOOOO much appreciate it! thanx a TON!

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Dear alaska_grl22,

You haven't mentioned if you had any insurance coverage at the time these hospital services were rendered. If you didn't have insurance coverage, you would need legal advice more than insurance advice and that is not my area of expertise; But make sure you get a few facts lined up before you seek legal advice;
1) Exactly what part of these bills are from before you turned 18?
According to ID state common law, your responsibility may be different before & after you turned 18.
2) Who was your guarantor/guardian at that time?
Your parents/guarantor/guardian may be responsible for your bills when you are a minor.

Also I was wondering if you have tried going to the credit reporting agencies and disputing the bills for when you were a minor? All three credit reporting agencies have disputing instructions available on their websites. It is definitely worth a shot.


Amir Mostafaie
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