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Insurance for pre-exisiting condition

I have a pre-exisiting condition and my husband tried to get me on his insurance at work but it cost way too much so I tried to get insurance outside of his jobs by doing quotes online. All of the ones I did quotes for I added up what I was paying for as a self-paid for my doctor and all my medicines which most of my medicines are on the 4 dollar list and what I pay out of pocket right now if I was to pay for the monthly premium for health insurance it would cost alot more than what I pay now as a self-pay person with my doctor/Medicines. Even if I get just Doctor visits and Medicine insurance only it is still more than I pay now as self-pay. I am in real need of seeing a cardiology and all the insurance I got quotes from I called and talked to them and they say that if I did get the health insurance some don't cover pre-exisiting conditions or if they do they will not cover them for a year after you start the plan you get. So with the ecomony right now things are tough as for employment and my husband is not getting alot of hours so 1. I would be paying more than I would doing self pay and 2. Why would I pay more and them not even cover my pre-exisiting for a year and that is the only reason I am going to the doctor now is for my heart/blood pressure issues. So I would still have to pay for my doctors visits now plus pay for the health insurance premuim and not be able to use it for a year on my pre-exisiting. Is there a way I can get some type of insurance that does not cost so much and cover my pre-exisiting condition. My regular wants me to see a cardiology and I can't afford self-pay on that..I live in Florida
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Dear selena203,

Based on my experience, individuals with heart condition are likely to be declined for individual coverage in Florida. The good news is that there are plans especially designed for individuals in your situation. To learn about these plans, visit www.Healthcare.gov (which is the new website set up by Government). Under the “Find insurance options” tab, look for “Which best describes you?” and choose “Individual with Medical Condition”; which will allow you to see information on “Pre-Existing Condition Insurance Plan programs” run by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services for residents of Florida. Eligible residents of Florida can apply for coverage through this website.

To qualify for coverage:
• You must be a United States citizen or reside here legally.
• You must be without health coverage for at least the last six months before you apply.
• You must have a pre-existing condition or have been denied coverage because of your health condition.
PCIP covers a broad range of health benefits, including primary and specialty care, hospital care, and prescription drugs.  All covered benefits are available for you, even if it’s to treat a preexisting condition.


Amir Mostafaie
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