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Nicotine and insurance

My only questions is why would an insurance company consider nicotine testing mandatory but not regular drug and alcohol testing?  Okay, I get the whole smoking is bad for your health thing, believe me, but being a diener in the morgue at a New York city hospital, I can assure you that there are 75% more drug and alcohol-related deaths than there are smoking-related deaths on my table.  What is the deal with that?  My last patient was in and out of the hospital fourteen times in six months due to alcohol poisoning along with other drug-related and alcohol-related issues. This at a whopping 980.00 a day bed at the hospital.  This whole smoking thing has gotten way out of hand, and just to say I am and always have been a non-smoker.  You the public are being bamboozled.  I also may add, I have NEVER EVER seen a death certificate with "second hand" smoke being the diagnosis.
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