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No health insurance


I am a 49 year old male. I have two stents in my RCA with a 50 to 60% blockage on a Y  in my LAD. Recently I have been experiencing som slight chest pains, with numbness in my arms and chest area. Starting yesterday, I was very dizzy and almost fell over a few different times. The dizziness has continued through to today. The problem I have is that I have no medical coverage at all. I am a temporary employee. I do work and get paid for 40 hours a week. However, I am a contractor with no insurance available to me at this time . I make approximately $52K per year before taxes. Currently residing in my home are my wife , 12 year old daughter, and myself. My wife makes approximately $10k a year as a caregiver. She has no insurance either. Can anyone help me? I feel like if I don't get immediate attention, I will be leaving my wife and children behind with nothing.

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I'm so tired of people saying we have to pay a higher rate on insurance just because we have pre-existing conditions.Why? don't we have rights,especially the one not to be denied health insurance?
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Dear jack1122,

Dear jack1122,

With your pr-existing condition you should contact the Illinois Comprehensive Health Insurance Plan which is guaranteed issue which means you can not be declined due to your pre-ex condition. You can browse their website @ http://www.chip.state.il.us/ and use their “EXPLORE THE CHIP WEBSITE” tool (especially look for the premium calculator under UTILITIES) and call them at Toll Free 866-851-2751 or 217-782-6333 if you have any questions.

If you do contact them make sure you let them know how long you have been uninsured, what your condition is and what you need to apply for their plan. You may find the cost to be high but it may be a good option until you find employment with health insurance benefits.

For the rest of your family you can get a quote on this very page (on the top left). I just ran some quotes for a 43 years old female (didn’t know how old your wife is) & a 12 years old child in Cook County IL & found 120 plans starting from $106 a month. Mind you the cheapest plan has a very high deductible; you can more realistically find them some thing in the $200 range.

Wish you and your family the best,

Amir Mostafaie
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