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I am very unhappy about Obama's proposals. I am trying to learn all I can, because I feel that the proposed legislation will go through and I want to be able to protect myself. I have both Medicare Disability and Group Disability insurance. How can I best inform myself. I have a doctorate, so I am a very good reader. However, I have many responsibilities, so my time for reading is limited. Can you advise me on what sources will best inform me?

Thank you.
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Dear vision271,

For most of us, our point of view on this issue will ultimately depend on how we feel about the role of government in health care. If you tend to vote Republican, I'd recommend you read something from the Democrat perspective so that you're hearing both sides of the issue. Conversely, if you tend to vote Democrat, I'd recommend you read something a from a more Republican point of view for the same reason.

If you tend to vote Republican, I'd encourage you to read the Health Action Now section of the Huffington Post: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/news/health-action I check in at Health Action Now on a fairly regular basis. It's writers tend to be liberal, but I think they take a fair, measured approach on health care. The White House also has a web site set up called Health Reform.gov, which is located at http://www.healthreform.gov/

If you tend to vote Democrat, I'd encourage you to read Keith Hennessey's blog on Health Reform. In 2008 Keith Hennessey was Assistant to the President for Economic Policy and Director of the National Economic Council at the White House. I've read his blog from time to time. He's conservative, but, again I think he takes a very fair, measured approach on health care. You can find him at http://keithhennessey.com/category/health/. The Republicans in Congress also have a web site located at: http://www.gop.gov/solutions/healthcare/resources

Ultimately, these decisions are up to us as citizens of the United States. I'm glad you asked the question and I hope everyone who reads this takes the time to listen to the points of view on both sides before you make up your mind.


Amir Mostafaie

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