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Please Help

I would Like to know what I can do for my aunt cause she is verry ill and my uncle cant pay for all the medical expenses please respond ASAP to see what arrangments for my aunt

Thank You
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I work for the Medicare Rights Center a nonprofit dedicated to helping people with Medicare get the health care and medications they need through counseling and advocacy, educational programs and public policy initiatives.

If you want to know if your aunt qualifies for any state assistance programs or federal programs you can call our hotline and we have counselors that can tell you if she qualifies. We can also help you get started on the enrollment and make sure that you provide all the information you need. Also if this is urgent we may be able to help you expedite the process.

The hotline number is 1-800-333-4114. I hope that we can help!
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Dear Soraya,

You can help your aunt by finding out if they qualify for any public assistance programs. Public assistance programs typically work through some sort of income qualification. In other words your income has to be below a certain level in order for you to qualify. The income level varies by state & it is not clear as to where (in what state) your aunt lives.

You can start by contacting Foundation for Health Coverage Education which is a Non-profit organization committed to helping people obtain coverage. You can go to their website www.coverageforall.org or reach them toll free at 800-234-1317.


Amir Mostafaie  
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