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Pregnancy elibility in FL??

We are caught in quite a predicament and really can't find an answer.  My girlfriend is pregnant with our child, and she has almost no income.  As the father, I have tried to call my insurance company to have the pregnancy covered, but BC/BS won't cover anything to do with the pregnancy until the baby is actually born.  She is applying for Medicaid, but now they are telling us that they need her household income which will include my income and make her ineligibile.  So the way it is being spelled out for us, insurance companies won't cover us until the baby is born, but Medicaid won't cover anything because my income is already considered.  So we can't seem to find a way to cover all the prenatal doctor trips.  Is there another way to handle this?  Does Medicaid really not cover anything even though my insurance won't cover it?

Please Help! :)  ...Thomas
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