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Pregnant - and I work out of state - but need to use Medicaid
I'm a Michigan resident on a months-long contract to work in Nebraska.  I just learned I'm pregnant and will deliver during my contract.  I applied for Michigan Medicaid and was accepted; however, I need to be treated for my maternity in Nebraska and deliver in Nebraska, as I am here temporarily for work (for several months).  I will be returning to MI at the conclusion of my contract.  I have a home in both states but MI is my permanent home - my voting, car registrations, etc. remain with my address in MI.

I have found some topics here in this forum regarding people who needed emergency treatment and who had it billed to their home state; I, however, need more information on how this is accomplished since ALL of my care will need to be billed to MI from every hospital, lab and individual doctor who sees me in the next few months.  I have a high risk pregnancy and can't make trips back to MI for the frequent visits to OB and 2-3 specialists (I have about an appointment a week and I'm only 5 months pregnant).

I learned that federal law mandates that states must pay Medicaid for care in other states in certain circumstances; I haven't found the actual text of the law yet but this page talks about it rather succinctly:  http://www.familiesusa.org/issues/medicaid/making-it-work-for-consumers/billing-problems.html

I'm thinking of printing out the applicable section of law and some MI claims forms that I can give the providers to use.  What else can I do to help them?  I want to make sure I don't get stuck with paying the bills from this simply because they don't know how to bill another state's Medicaid, or refuse to try.
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