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Which health insurance is best for mother and daughter?

I'm looking to find a health care insurance for me, I'm 21 years old with major back problems and my daughter 1 years of age with no problems, but needs routinely checkups. I've tried looking into ehealthinsurance quotes and all of that, but I don't know which one to choose, my husband already has health insurance from his job. But, he doesn't want to add me or my child (because he says they're too expensive), so I have to choose my own with my daughter. I'm a stay at home mom, and I can't work until I get better. So, my husband will be paying for the insurance. Okay. Somebody please let me know which health insurance I should go with.
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Dear Malina,

With the rise in health insurance premiums, your situation is not uncommon. You asked what is the best insurance for you & your daughter! I recommend you get yourself added to your husband’s group policy as soon as possible regardless of the price. Due to your pre-existing conditions, you are much better off on a group sponsored guaranteed issue plan. That means i) you will not be declined due to your past & existing health issues & ii) there will not be an exclusion on your pre-existing conditions.

No matter how much it costs to add you to your husband’s group policy, it will still be less than an emergency room visit!

You also stated you need insurance for your 1 year old daughter who has no health issues & mainly needs routine checkups. Depending on your location, Kaiser offers very good values in Georgia. You mentioned you have looked at eHealthInsurance.com for quotes. Did you know you can also call them toll free at 1-800-977-8860 & ask to speak to a licensed representative?


Amir Mostafaie
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Ridiculous that your husband won't pony up the $$ to pay for the health insurance for his own family.  

How would he like it if either one of you got sick or injured right now, and he would be responsible for thousands of dollars in medical bills?  One injury or serious illness can destroy a family's financial future.

The best and smartest option is to get yourself on his plan.  If he won't do it, that's another problem entirely.
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You and your daughter should definately get on with your husbands group insurance.  I am an insurance broker and I am still giving you this advice.  The only issue here is that you can only sign up on group insurance once a year, during an "open enrollment period"  These are typically in november and last about 10-14 days.  My suggestion to you is to find out when your husband's open enrollment is and make a point to enroll when you can.
You need to tell your husband that group coverage is much better than individual coverage.  The deductibles are usually lower, monthly premiums are usually lower, they must accept all pre-existing conditions, etc.
If I were you, I would get some sort of temporary coverage for you and your daughter while you wait for the open enrollment period.  If you would like, I can help you out with this.  Here is one link to create your own short-term medical insurance quote.  http://justinmartin.mymedquotes.com  If you would just like to ask questions about your group coverage or anything else feel free to email me at ***@**** or check out my website at www.insuranti.com/justinmartin
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