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having to 2 health insurances, very confused

We live in NJ and my wife has had insurance from her job, which I am also a member of under her.  I got a new job about a year ago and got a better insurance plan.  Mine doesn't have CO-PAYS, dont have to put out money for prescriptions and wait to get paid back and doesn't need referrals.  As soon as we got mine, we kept hers.  But we started to use mine.  For the past year she's been using mine because it's just so much better.   Probably 5000 dollars in claims.  Someone she works with the other day said she isn't allowed to use my insurance.  She has to use the one from her job.  Now, we are really confused and don't know if this is true and what to do.   Can anyone clear this up?   What do we do?    
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Dear hjason123,

When spouses are covered by 2 plans through their respective employers, there may stipulations on co-ordination of benefits. That means which plan pays for which benefits & when.

The comment made by her co-worker that "she isn't allowed to use your insurance", is less likely to be accurate.

For details have your wife inquire from her Human Resources department, how the co-ordination of benefits work in her plan.


Amir Mostafaie
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