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uninsured, helicopter emergency ride

I am a 33 year old single male, green card holder, I live in manhattan andI own a software consulting firm with me as the only employee. Haven't had insurance since april 2012. My company makes money but I pay myself a low salary ( < 35 K )
I was recently on vacation and was mountain biking in san diego and crashed and the  tour guide insisted on calling an ambulance ( I kinda passed out for a minute, altough it might have been the strong sun and dehydration ). Anyway so they send a helicopter to pick me up and took me to the hospital, did some EKG and cat scan. I was out in a couple of hours.

My question is : knowing I am uninsured, what should I do? what are my best options?
does obamacare help me in anything?
I haven't received any bills yet from all of this shabang, but I know its gonna be steep.
would the state of California cover some of the expenses? or would NY state, or NYC?

open to any suggestions.

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Dear uninsuredNewYorker,

As for your hospital and (air) ambulance bills, I am not aware of any provisions in PPACA (ObamaCare) that can help you with bills incurred while in-insured. I am also not aware of any state assistance programs (CA or NY) that help pay bills while un-insured. It is typically those providers (such as the hospital & air-ambulance) that take the loss should you not be able to pay for those services.

You mentioned a tour guide & I thought if your tour was arranged by a reputable company, they sometimes have some sort of (accident) coverage as a part of their services. I recommend you check your contract and see if there is that type of coverage.

I also recommend you look into health insurance for yourself and see if you qualify for either a small group business of 1 (or sole prop) or Healthy New York program where you can find health insurance at a more reasonable rate than standard Individual health plans.

Criteria to qualify for Healthy New York;
1. The business must be located within New York State.
2. The business must have 1-50 eligible employees.
3. At least 30% of the employees must earn $41,250 or less in annual wages.
The wage level is adjusted annually for inflation.
4. The business must not have provided group health insurance coverage to its employees within the last 12 months.

You can visit www.ehealthinsurance.com and under Individual & Family option, to see the plans/rates by simply providing your zip code & date of birth.


Amir Mostafaie  
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