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what does the "Newborns' and Mothers' Health Protection Act of 1996" cover?

Here's the background: (will try to keep it short)
My wife and I had a baby in April. My wife is on her dad's policy (thanks to ObamaCare). My daughter is on mine.
Her Dad and I have the same policies/coverage now, but right after the obamacare passed, he had a co-pay but i had deductible.

My wife's hospital bills are covered under her dad's policy. But they are saying my daughter isn't covered under his policy because she is a grandchild. They said something about getting a special flyer or something added to his policy to cover his grandchild. So now I am getting a bill for $3200 for the hospital stay for my daughter right after birth. They billed my wife $1300/day AND my new daughter $1300/day. Gotta cook those books.

I checked the benefits handbook. It says:
"The plan will pay benefits for an inpatient stay of at least 48 hours for mother and newborn child following a vaginal delivery"  "These are federally mandated requirements under the newborns and mother's health protection act of 1996"
Nothing mentioned about grandchildren not being covered. The bill I'm getting is for the hospital stay 48 hours after the delivery.
He has already reached his deductible, but I haven't, so I'm out $3200 if it isn't covered under his policy.
kind of an odd problem, but anyone have anything similar to this? Anything i can do to fight it?

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