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Another Trend . . . The Air Fryer!

Yep, got one of these too over the holidays.  It's living in its box but I do want to try it.  Any thoughts on it?  Seems like a healthy way to have 'fried like' food without the unhealthy aspect to it.
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I can offer a little bit, although I don't have one... my daughter does and swears by it.  Her significant other has some eating difficulties so they use an air fryer a lot.  She swears by it... she says the food cooks up nicely and it's easy clean up.   I am just going by what she says, but she's definitely not a cook, so it must be easy if she likes it...  :-)
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I like the idea of easy.  Fast and easy and healthy!!  I'm going to tried friend chicken, air fry variety and will let you know how it is!
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Have you tried it yet?  Am interested to know how it turned out.  
I've heard it works well for French fries and things like that, as well.  
I'd probably be more inclined to purchase an air fryer than I would an instant pot simply because I might be able to make smaller quantities in the air fryer.
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