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Average income: Healthier Diet

Any suggestions for two soon to be wed young adults just starting out their careers.. I've jut recently started this for the summer but mainly for our wedding next year in May. The only problem is we eat out a lot cause we are always workig an we don't have time to cook. We absolutely NEED to eat better. I know fruits are one way to go but id like to mix it up every so often :)
Input appreciated.
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Omelets are good for times when you just can't plan ahead.  If using up fresh veggies is a problem (I hate having to throw things out if plans change and I don't use up what I bought). frozen works (just don't add salt).  Broccoli, zuchinni, mushrooms, all good stuff.  Keep the amount of cheese down (or just do veggies) and you're good.  You can add tofu for more protein - and low fat farmer's cheese is also nice to bulk up the eggs.  If you want something sweetish - omelet with apples.  Use cooking spray to cut the calories.  Easy, fast, and takes no forethought.
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Thanks very helpful :) I went today and loaded up with healthy groceries. Fruits, veggies, nothing too salty we did just get a crock pot and i plan on looking up some good recipes to cook in the future!
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Hi there.  Great ideas in the above post---  very thorough and many things to try!

Yes, eating out is a killer.  Not to mention super expensive.  I would just commit to not doing this.  

The slow cooker is excellent for busy people.  The library has many books that will have low calorie recipes you can try.  

Grills are also awesome for time saving lean dinners.  Put some chicken or pork chops in a marinade, go to work, come home and turn on the grill (gas grills are as easy as a switch) and the meat cooks very quickly.  Throw some salad in a bowl or asparagus or broccoli in a steamer and dinner is done!  

You can try cooking dinner ahead of time---  cook on Sunday when you have time and either make it to store or freeze it for the week.  

Broil a piece of fish in some lemon juice and spices.  doesn't take long at all with a boil bag of rice.  Honestly, takes about as long to order from a take out place.  

I found the expensive food is the prepackaged junk food.  So, it's actually NOT more expensive to eat healthy.  A bag of chips can cost as much as a pack of chicken breasts.  Which one would be better for you?  Right, so just select your food carefully being mindful of the nutritional punch it packs and calories.  

also, try looking in your butcher's 'special' section.  This is meat that is short dated.  It's still good but may expire in the next day or two.  I get meat from this area and either cook it that day or freeze it.  Saves me money for sure.

good luck
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Eating healthy is very easy and inexpensive.  The main thing is to eat lots of veggie, fruits and whole grain foods.  If you both work you can cook like pinto beans, butter beans, navy beans or peas. Buy the dried one they are cheap.  Cook them in a slow cooker at night or in the day when you are working.. Set the crockpot on low and they can cook all day or all night and are very good.  You might put a small piece of ham in for seasoning.  Rice and stir fry veggies is a good and cheap  meal. Eat plain oat meal for breakfast its cheap and very healthy .. Lots  of fresh fruits are inexpensive in the grocery store.  Apples, oranges, bananas, manogos, pineapple etc.. Ohh right now avacados are cheap the small ones are 50 cents each... they are one of the healthiest foods you can eat.  Another thing you can do is make up a crock pot of vegetable stew or soup and eat it during the week.. Eat the fruits for desert.  I would recommend avoid any food with sugar added and also watch the amount of salt.  Fast foods are absolutely out.. You should also avoid processed lunch meats... like bologna ham and etc.. Canned tuna is a good thing... Make tuna salad and put in in the ice box.. I am 72 and have eaten healthy for several years.  I was forced to because I didn't eat healthy when I was young.  I would strongly suggest that you eat healthy starting now and you will be able to avoid some of the health problems that lots of people have due to poor diets.  I would also suggest that you start an exercise program.. walking daily is excellent.  Be sure you start reading labels on the foods you purchase... you will be surprised what you find out. So many foods are just loaded with sugar or salt... and neither are good for you. hope this helps some..just remember ...eating healthy is cheap is you do it right and plan... much cheaper than eating out... We keep up with our food expenses and sort of play a game of just seeing how cheap we can prepare a healthy meal .. its sort of fun and surprising.. You can prepare a very  healthy meal for $1.50 to $2.00 per person.Again  I hope this helps a little.
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