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Breakfast choice

What is the best breakfast i should have if i want to lose weight properly and what's the best time to have it???
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I'd suggest scrambled egg whites with vegetables.  Or just use one yolk with two egg whies.  Say have mixed vegetables that are leftovers and add them to these scrambled, or diced onions and peppers.  Then hot green tea and water.  For a mid-morning snack, have an apple or yogurt.  
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Um, that sounds good.  I'm hungry.  LOL

Some doctors talk about making sure that some protein is incorporated into breakfast to help with weight loss.  

The eggs are perfect for that.  And using left over vegi's makes it easier to add those too.  Good suggestion.  
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Thank you good suggestion indeed will do and lets hope i do lose weight!!
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ok i have probably a silly question but is sausage mixed with those eggs a super no no ? the answer i think is probably and obvious no but i was just checking lol
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I had a few banquet brown and serve turkey sausage with one scrabled egg white and an apple. It was low in calories like 250 I believe.  
Turkey or chicken sausage is very low in calories so check them out in the meat section. They come fully cooked.
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You might want to check the salt content in the sausages.  Sometimes it's really high and most of us don't need that much, especially, if you're prone to fluid retention, as I am.
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Thanks for all the info
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Oatmeal with fruit. I like it with bananas, cinnamon, and nutmeg. The banana sweetens everything and the spices give it that extra flavor you might miss from instant oatmeal packers. Also, apples and cinnamon is a yummy combination.  
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I always go for smoothies for breakfast! I'm not a big breakfast person so this helps me a lot... it's also quick and simple. No cooking necessary. I throw in 1 fresh diced banana, about 6 fresh medium strawberries, 1/2 cup of fat free sugar free plain yogurt, 6 ice cubes, and 1/2 cup of skim milk... and blend! I also use other fresh fruits and vegetables, there are so many combinations to fit ones taste preferences.
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