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How to make fantastic falafel

Falafel are not difficult but they require timing.

This is a deep fried recipe. Normally, that would not qualify as healthy but Swampy has measured the amount of oil that is absorbed and believes that as long as they are well drained, the calories from fat will not be too high. It is possible to bake falafel, but getting the texture right requires some skill.

You'll need a food processor, hopefully a large one.

Follow these preparation steps exactly.

To serve 4-6 people (more if being used an an appetizer):

1/2 lb dried chick peas (NOT canned)
1 c coarsely chopped onion
3 cloves garlic
1/2 c fresh parsley, washed and roughly chopped
1 t dried mint
1 t ground cumin
1/2 t baking soda
1/2 t baking powder
1 t salt
1 t cayenne pepper (if you want a kick)
oil for deep frying


Step 1. Soak chick peas. You must let them soak a minimum of 24 hours.

Step 2. Drain the chick peas, spread them on a cookie sheet. Leave cookie sheet out in a sunny place.

Step 3. Prep your other ingredients -- chop the onions, peel garlic, wash parsley.

Step 4. Get out your food processor. Add all ingredients except (obviously) the oil.

Step 5. Process the ingredients until they form a sticky paste  -- 7 to 8 minutes. Scrape down the sides to make certain there are no lumps of any kind. Whatever you do, do not add water -- if the mixture can't process pull some of it out and do loads.

Step 6. Let the dough rest 30 minutes.

Step 7. Heat the oil up to the temp at which bread sizzles. Drop fritter style 1 t at a time. Cook until brown and crunchy on all sides, about 5 minutes.

Serve within 45 minutes of being made, otherwise they'll lose their crunch.

You can store the dough in the refrigerator for a few days.

(A note on baking. This requires skill to get the texture right. What you would do is brown them in a pan with a little oil, then put them in 400 degree oven until they are done. Make them with a flattened shape if you do this for the best chance of them being cooked).
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I have never made falafel is it a mid eastern dish ,pretty healthy I think , maybe I'll take a shot this weekend ,
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Thank you so much for this, Swampy!  I have tried making falafels with another recipe but when I put them in the deep fryer they disintegrated.  I will give yours a try.
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