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Flax Seed

does anyone here use this on a daily basis?  i've read a lot of good things about it and we just got some.  we bought ground flax seed...  but we haven't used it yet.  can anyone tell me any other things about it i may not have read or possible different ways that you use it?  thank you.
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To tell the truth, I'm not that familiar with it, outside of knowing that its supposed to be good for you!
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i guess you can take 1 to 2 tablespoons of this daily...  so i'm gonna take 1.  yesterday morning i made 2 pieces of toast, put some butter and honey on them, and sprinkled the flax seed on top.  it was actually pretty good...  had kinda like a little nutty taste to it!  

after my coffee this morning, i was going to eat some waffles...  so i'll probably do the same thing and sprinkle it over the waffles.  or i can wait until lunch...  i read you can do almost anything w/ it.  so i can put it in my salad, too!
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ok...  the waffle idea was terrible!!!  and i didn't have a salad for lunch, i had fajitahs instead...  i guess i'll end up adding it to my dinner tonight instead!
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I've heard a lot of good things about flax seed! It's high in the omega 3's (the good for you fats) and fiber. It's said to help with Crohns or other intestinal problems because it helps coat and soothe the lining of the intestines that may be inflamed. It's also been said to help with heart disease and even cancer, especially breast cancer! It's also supposed to help with mild depression.
I have a friend who's two sons were diagnosed with ADHD and she didn't want to put them on meds. She was really into the natural foods, etc. She researched and began to give them flaxseed every day. She claims she saw a vast improvement in their behavior and ability to focus, etc. when they were on the flaxseed. When she stopped using it for awhile, they went back. This is what she claims anyway.
I've always been interested in nutrition and natural products.
I say "Go for it!" Give it a try and see how you feel in a few months from now. It certainly can't hurt!
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thanks april2.  i wan't sure about giving it to my kids...  how old were her kids?  mine are quite young so i'm kinda unsure to give them new things like that.  i guessi could ask their ped about it.  i know you can cook it into pretty much anything and they wouldn't even know it.
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Actually, her kids were older, maybe 10 and 12? I don't know about giving it to them when their real young. It's probably a good idea to ask their ped about it. She used to put it in smoothies for them. I bought some but I keep forgetting to take it! I'm bad about remembering to take my vitamins every day, etc.
Just remember that a lot of doctors think the all natural remedies, etc. is a bunch of hogwash. It's good to find a doctor who studied nutrition along with their specialty. Many don't.
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I am personally not one to take supplements, BUT I do take flax seed oil supplements twice a day. It's got many health benefits.
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do you take the oil or is it in a pill form?  i bought ground flax seed.  but i don't know which is better or if it matters what form its in...
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Ask someone from the health food store. I was told the more natural state it's in, the better. I think the cold pressed liquid form is supposed to be best followed by the ground flax seed but I can't tell you if that's for sure. I think my friend used the ground flax seed. I bought the oil but I guess whatever works for you. But I'd ask someone who's studied this stuff. The employees at Whole Foods seem to really know their stuff, at least the ones where I live do.
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Obviously, the fresher, the better.

I take the capsule form, which does lose a bit of it's potency, but I was also told that once you open a bottle of flaxseed oil, that, in itself, causes some of the potency to diminish.
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Here's a bunch of recipes:

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