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Health foods for a 415 calorie budget ?

I currently weight 188 and want to be 120 by August 20 2014. What are some good foods and recipes that I can have /make ?
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I recommend going vegan! I recommend watching some movies especially Vegucated. And reading the book called veganist. On a vegan diet all your weight will fall off an you won't have to restrict calories or count calories. There are tons of delicious recipes. I know going vegan can seem like a religion or alien like. Most think it's sticks and leaves. But going vegan is such an adventure. You try so many new foods and they're so good. It doesn't have to be something that happens overnight either. Some people lost 4 or 5 pounds In the first week of the transition. It's really healthy. There are also "junk" vegan alternatives you can have if you get a craving. If you have anymore questions you can message me and I'm totally open to share more with you (like recipes).. Hope this helped :)
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What is a 415 calorie budget?  I probably couldn't advice you to ever just eat that little in a day as that is not healthy.

But, in general, lean protein of any sort is good for you and fills you up.  A good bang for your calorie buck.  Fruits as your sweet treat verses real sweets, lots of fresh vegis.  

A handful of nuts, guacamole, a little peanut butter, are good things that have the right fat that your body needs while being very satisfying.  

Stay away from anything processed or prepackaged diet food and try to go fresh.  Drink tons of water.  

good luck
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