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Healthy Alternatives?

As I've been using the My Diet Diary App I have noticed that the only thing healthy in my diet is whole wheat bread.
I want to eat more vegetables but I hate them. Any recipes out there that can help me eat healthier?
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One week weight loss recipes Daquan Wednesday: Braised Chicken kelp
Ingredients: seaweed, chicken breast , red pepper , green pepper , onion, ginger.
Spices: salt, monosodium glutamate , salad , soup , starch.
1 , kelp with blisters open , washed, cut into strips , red and green pepper seeded and cut into strips after using boiling water boiled .
2 chicken breast cut into strips , with the amount of salt, MSG, starch yards taste , the next pan boiled, picked up after the stand .
3, pot put a little oil down into the spring onion, ginger and saute , add broth , and put all the raw materials braise 3 minutes , seasoning , thicken with starch , Serve.
Recommended reason : kelp heat water , the role of Quzhi buck . It contains a variety of minerals and vitamins can reduce human intake of fat deposition in the heart , blood vessels, bowel , called Cellulite diet to share.
Tips: Weight loss has been three days , in addition to try to eat , you know , you should drink ! Drink plenty of water can speed up the metabolism , it's best to drink tea , especially oolong tea can remove greasy , weight loss have a good secondary effect . Good Come on, do not slack off !
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One week weight loss recipes Daquan Tuesday: leek fried yellow silk hose

Ingredients: leeks, yellow throat, carrots.

Spices: salt, monosodium glutamate, salad, starch.


1 leek washed, cut into sections, yellow throat, carrots, shredded.

2, with all the raw materials boiling water boiled, picked up after the stand.

3, pot put a little oil, fry down into all the raw materials, seasoning, starch hook thin gravy, and serve.

Recommended reason: leek addition to rich in calcium, phosphorus, iron, protein and vitamins and other nutrients, it also contains a lot of fiber, can enhance gastrointestinal motility, accelerate the discharge of excessive intestinal nutrition and excess fat.
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One week weight loss recipes Daquan Monday: tri-color silk melon

Ingredients: melon, carrots, green pepper.

Spices: salt, monosodium glutamate, salad, starch.


1, melon, carrot, green pepper, cut wire, with warm oil boiled, picked up the stand.

2, all the vegetables in boiling water and then boiled to remove greasy.

3, pot put a little oil down into all the raw stir fry, seasoning thicken, you can.

Recommended reason: melon sweet pale and slightly cold, with the benefits of water swelling effect, if edible skin, the better. Eat melon, can remove excess body fat and water, play a role in weight loss.
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Try dicing them up really small (use a food processor if you need to) and adding them to other dishes.
Pattying out hamburgers or turkey burgers? Add finely cut onion, garlic, carrots and other veggies the patties.
Heat up EVOO in a pan, add a diced veggie medley and day old rice, pour in a little lite soy sauce and make some quick fried rice.

Or try veggie burgers. They're good but get a bad rap. I like to cut them half and make raps out of them with mozzorella cheese, smashed black beans, and avocado slices. You can add whatever seasonings you like too.
I hope this helps
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