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Healthy Eating Plan to create Deficit

Does anyone have a link for healthy eating recipes that are simple? Thanks in advance.
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Hey I'm trying to loose a lil weight ... It would be great if u would share some of your veg recipies that could be eaten for lunch or dinner....TIA
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Hi there.  You sound like me.  I like to cook and I like recipes!  I have a healthy diet and have found many recipes that are excellent.  If you look through this very forum, you will see lots of recipe suggestions.  

What types of foods are you looking for?

I know my BMI but ya know, that makes life too complicated.  We just want tasty food that is healthy and keeps us on track for our goal weight.  

Again, I have many recipes that I have found that are good for us, healthy, and keep my family trim.  I actually have found many recipes from weight watchers.  

I'm happy to direct you but let me know what kinds of things you are interested in and take a look by scrolling down in this forum as many are here.  good luck and come back and share with us!
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I skipped the whole recipe concept and just acquired a taste for what was healthy, along with taking care to use reasonable portions.   My only spices to liven up plain, homecooked foods have been e.v. Olive Oil, salt and pepper.  Though, I'll use some salad dressing to liven up cabbage and lettuce.

I use smaller forks and spoons (which usefully slow down my eating so I'm more aware of when I've eaten enough), and serve my meals in smaller serving bowls (mine are 10 oz. Corelle bowls), which are close enough to my serving size that I never need to measure portions other than filling up the bowls so they're level with the top.  

My BMI's gone from high normal to low normal, a net change of some 35 lbs, which led to a major improvement in my blood lipids chemistry which was my main objective.
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