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Can you give me a healthy viand recipe with low calorie? Im practicing 1000 calories per day in order for me to lose weight but in a healthy way :) Thanks!
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Hi there and welcome!  Well, it would help if you have anything in particular you like!  I've been doing low calorie for a while now.  I gave up sugar (as best I could) and processed foods which really helps!  There are apps you can try and Med Help has one that you put in what you eat and it counts your calories for you.   Very handy!  

The important thing about low calorie is making the calories count.  I gave up pop because those were wasted calories (and too much sugar).  So, when picking what to eat, think what has the biggest nutritional bang for the calories.  A handful of nuts packs a good source of protein and other vitamins verses something less nutritional for the same calories.  

I do cut back on carbs.  I don't eat regular bread but will use low carb whole wheat tortillas or whole grain bread things, I'll put on two slices of good turkey or chicken and mixed lettuce (greens that have some spinach leaves, other types of lettuce, carrots and cabbage).  Nice lunch with a piece of fruit.  Dinner is lean protein, vegetables and fruit for dessert.  I eat a good amount of protein throughout the day as I swear it makes me less hungry.  And I drink a lot of water.

Tell me what kinds of recipes that you are looking for though (dinner, lunch, breakfast, snack, etc.) so that I can have some direction.  I have many to share.  You'll also find many by scrolling through the forum.  

would love to help more but give me some direction to go in!
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Here are some of my favourite low carb/low calorie recipes :)

Low carb lettuce yiros :)

Chicken and sweet potato salad :)

Hope these help!
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