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How to lose appetite

Hey,i am an obese teen. I am trying to lose weight but y'know...i really love food. I tried so hard not to eat,but i still end up eating more than 2000 calories a day. I started taking fish oil cause i heard it can make someone lose appetite.is it true? Because my appetite is still the same. Please dont tell me to eat oatmeal,i cant swallow it,i hate it. Is there any other ways for me to lose appetite ? And also i do exercise.
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What about atkins diet
My sister is diabetic after she used the atkin her glucose (bloodsugar ) level became from 300 and above to 90. I had to give her less insulin

A typical atkins meal


4 scrambled egg with one spoon of butter with salad  (red and white cabbage with sal)

chicken breast or drumstick cooked then baked with some seasoning and also salad + glass water


Whipped cream with strawberry

Broccoli with cheese

Try to avoid
veggies that grow under the ground example carrot potato but also onion
Sugary things like fruit banana apple orange etc.
Everything that has flour in it white or brow bread pizza etc

You cant eat till your full
Fish unlimited
Meat unlimited
Chicken unlimited
And a lot more just go google atkins diet its amazing

You dont have to count calories only carb your carb intake must not pass 20 gram you will lose almost 5 kilo a month

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Srry I ment you CAN eat till your full
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Hey! When I was a teen(13-18 years old) I was obese too. I made a huge mistake and took some pills in order to lose some weight. I was 70 kg and I lost 10 kilos in one month, but a year later I reached 80kg. That was ... awful!! I can understand you. As I grew up I understood what is good for me and my health. Now I'm 22 and I have a personal trainer whom I see 3 times a week. We work out together only 20 minutes/ day and I feel great. I'm 60 kilos now, but I want to reach 55kg. ( I guess that's on my bucket list since I was 13) I eat everything that I want, but at special hours. Like : 08am breakfast 11am brunch 14pm lunch 17pm something and 20pm dinner. It helped me a lot, knowing the fact that I really love food - especially pasta. So, I lost weight - eating. You don't have to worry much about what others think about you. You must feel well in your own skin and take care of yourself at the same time. I hope you'll reach your goal weight and also stay in love with food. It's hard, believe me! But no imposible!! ♥️ x.o.x.o R.
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The typical American diet is made of foods designed to ramp up appetites.  Combinations of fats and sugar without nutrients are typical triggering foods.  So packaged foods full of sugar, fast food, soda and sugary drinks of all kinds need to be stopped.  If you start eating home-cooked meals with lots of veggies and healthy oils and low in grains ahd GMO junk, your appetite should go down after a couple of weeks.  The withdrawal discomfort is very real and you just have to make a plan to drink water or hot tea or something to get off the bad food.  
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But im not american and we eat alot of curries and spicy things here but thank you for your comment.i will eat veggies n fruits more
Hi Qhairun
-You seem to lose weight no matter what you do
- You're gradually getting heavier
-Constant food cravings, even after eating enough.
Read on for what explains this:  

Being obese you have developed Leptin resistance, which keeps the fat on your body and is responsible for the above.
Try interval training a few times a week. Avoid too many fruits and fructose, same with cabs, sleep a minimum of 8 hours every night.
Ask your doctor for a minimum dose of T3 ONLY thyroid medication like cytomel, or liothyronine.
Leptin resistance causes reverse T3 thyroid hormone, while your Free T3 on lab test results would likely show it's within normal range!
Most doctors and specialists don't know about this and assume all is fine, while the patient is probably having a hard time to shed any weight no matter what they try!

Cook your rice with some coconut oil and refrigerate it overnight.
When you eat it the following day, it will be up to 1/2 of the calories normally found in cooked rice.
This has to do with changes in the glutenous component of rice which changes chemically when left in the fridge and when you consume it, the glutenous substance does not get absorbed at all. Instead it goes right through you!
Just do not consume too much more
because of the lower calories!

Try to adhere to the most healthy and nutritious diet possible!
No empty calories, no junk foods.

Best wishes,
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Try buyin a lunchbox for eat meal and a snack fill the lunchbox with healthy foods. Your brain will want to eat it because it's packaged and you made it. Do not eat anything other than what's in the lunch box
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There's nothing wrong with loving food, you just have to learn to love yourself even more!  I have found chia seeds to be beneficial in helping to curb hunger.  You can mix a teaspoon in a glass of juice - it will thicken in a few minutes or mix it with a pudding or even in soup.  They are incredibly nutritious and will give you extra energy.  A recent review examined the effects of capsaicin, found in hot peppers, and capsiate, found in sweet peppers to be beneficial in curbing appetite - you probably already include these in the food you do eat.  Also, one study found that consuming ginger powder diluted in hot water at breakfast reduced hunger.  Above all, drink plenty of water and eat lots and lots of fresh fruits and vegetables.  And eat mindfully.  When you eat, just eat.  Don't read, watch TV, be on the computer  or be texting.  Concentrate solely on your food, chew slowly and savor each mouthful.  Think positive - you can do this.  Blessings always.
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